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Max Linder in: Max wants a divorce (1917)

Cast: Max Linder, Marthe Mansfield [billed as: Martha Ulrich], Francine Larrimore, Mathilde Comont.
Produced by Essanay, the film premiered at "The Strand" (New York) on March 18, 1917.
Max is forced to choose between losing his newly wedded wife and a fortune. He hits upon a brilliant scheme: He will give his wife grounds for a divorce, secure the money and then make his ex-wife Mrs. Linder again. He goes through any amount of trouble in helping her to get the necessary evidence, only to find that it is all a mistake on the part of a stupid lawyer - the money and the wife are both to be his. (Edward Weitzel, Moving Picture World, April 7, 1917)

Note: Re-translated into English from a surviving print with French intertitles.

Run time 22 minutes 13 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, color


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